Millar Wins Professional Development, Anderson Wins Bill Strausbaugh Awards

Oct 3, 2023

Millar Wins Professional Development, Anderson Wins Bill Strausbaugh Awards-
Riverside, Iowa – JR Millar of Lake Bracken Country Club has been named the 2023 Professional Development Award winner. The Professional Development Award is based on a Professional’s entire record and achievements over their career. The guidelines for this award include various types of educational seminars brought to the section, contributions made to building the PGA image, leadership and networking ability, promotion of the game of golf within the community, techniques used to encourage membership support of the various seminars, articles written for publication in books or magazines and any sectional or nationally recognized coursed attended by the nominee which enhance the PGA Professional.

When asked on what this means to win this award Millar responded with, “This award is truly an honor to receive.  My goal has always been to promote the PGA brand while trying to be the best PGA Professional that I can be.  My work as the Education Co-Chair for the Section has allowed me to help secure speakers on varying topics that can hopefully help us all to grow and become more well-rounded PGA Professionals.  Golf does not exist without the PGA Professional, so the more we learn, the better for the future of the sport we all love.”

As the Education Co-Chair, it is his responsibility to continually work with the Iowa PGA Section Staff to come up and secure relevant and engaging educational topics. It is his goal to find speakers/topics that can relate to all of our PGA Professionals.

Millar’s goal as a PGA Professional has always been to adhere to present himself in a professional way. He has always had the attitude of “lead by doing”, which helped him to run for the board four years ago, then become Secretary for the last two years. He is now very engaged in Section and National topics that can affect us, the PGA Professional. He is proud to be a voice for one of the smaller sections. He would not have imagined that he would be on a first name basis with our three National Officers. He has fought and will continue to push for Iowa to receive the Herb Graffis award, as we are overdue for this honor.

Rich Furne, President of Lake Bracken Country Club had a few nice words to say, “One of J.R.’s notable accomplishments has been his effective management of Lake Bracken Country Club full operations in a short period of time. He has consistently exhibited a keen understanding of operational intricacies, financial stewardship, and customer satisfaction. His ability to lead a team, adapt to new challenges, and consistently exceed expectations is truly commendable.”

President of Iowa PGA & Iowa Golf Foundation and PGA Director of Golf at Pinnacle Country Club Erin Strieck had a few words to say, “When I think of JR, three words come to mind: driven, dedicated, and passionate. This year JR has moved into the General Manager/Head Golf Professional role at Lake Bracken, a role I feel he was meant to hold. His genuine compassion and dedication for his members and the success of Lake Bracken is always at the forefront of any decision JR makes. This is an attribute of a true leader.”

Millar won the Professional Development Award in 2022.

The Iowa PGA Congratulates JR Millar as our 2023 Professional Development Award.


Anderson Wins Strausbaugh Award-
Terry Anderson of Elks Country Club has been named the 2023 Bill Strausbaugh Award winner by the Iowa PGA Awards Committee. The Strausbaugh Award emphasizes the nominee’s performance and achievements over the past five years and is awarded to those who demonstrate day-to-day alternative methods of improving the employment conditions for the PGA Professional.

When asked on what this means to win this award Anderson responded with, “Having to do the work and research in completing the application process for the Bill Strausbaugh Award was a humbling experience.  One doesn’t realize the number of exposures a PGA Golf Professional makes on a daily basis and the impact and impression you have on a variety of people.  Receiving this award validates my choice of career path as a member of the PGA.”

For the first thirteen years as a PGA member of his now 29-year PGA career, he mentored twelve (12) of his staff members to PGA membership. Ten of them are still active members. They have flourished in their own careers and many of them have taken active roles as officers in their respective Section, award winners in their Section and two of them have been national award winners. He has enjoyed continuing to keep in contact with them and he is always thrilled when they share their success stories with him.

The past five years, he has taken a special interest in Iowa Section PGA member Gene Bears, Jr. Gene has had some challenging times in his employment situation. Terry makes a point of calling him regularly to make sure his attitude stays positive and to provide him with any job leads of which he is aware. Gene recently accepted a General Manager position and is most grateful for his support and he couldn’t be happier for him to continue his PGA career with the passion that he has for the golf business.

He takes great pride in leading by example. Being positive, energetic and being available have been the keys to his personal success. He is happy to say that all the PGA professionals that he has mentored have those traits as well. They are currently mentoring the next generation of PGA professionals.

As the son of a minister, he observed early on and often the value of service to others philosophy. He can’t think of another profession that service to all applies any more than to a PGA Professional. You must take care of your customers, your employees, your suppliers, all while making sure that you still take care of yourself. Needs come in all varieties and need to be managed differently in the case of different individuals. Recognizing this and maintaining consistency in each case is the key to success and to maintaining your reputation and integrity. The fact that he chose to remain in Iowa City after his employment with the University of Iowa ended is a testament to his character. He is still respected and held in high regard concerning the game of golf in this community.

He feels it is very important to encourage young golfers and to be a positive role model for them. They often talk while they play about topics not related to golf and how the game of golf reflects life’s lessons.

He is currently in the first year of his second term as an At-Large member of the Iowa PGA Section Board of Directors. He is Co-Chair of the Tournament Committee. In that position, he has made it a priority to participate in our section events as much as possible. Playing in these tournaments has allowed him to meet other professionals and learn about their employment situations and how they manage their operations. He has given advice on how he does things and quite often learns new ideas from them that he can apply to his operation. Anderson continues sharing his resources for the benefit of the section through education opportunities presented at our Section meetings (i.e., last fall, he secured Dan Gable to speak at our Fall 2022 business meeting). For the past two Iowa Open Championships, he has been an observer for the final pairing, doing rules and live scoring, representing the Iowa PGA Section as a Board member and Co-Chair of the Tournament committee. He has also volunteered as a rules official for collegiate conference tournaments and national championships held at Geneva Country Club in Muscatine, Iowa, and TPC Deere Run in Silvis, Illinois.

Anderson is finishing his 11th golf season as PGA Head Professional at the Elks Club #590 in Iowa City. He approached them in 2013 because he has several friends who are members. They were always complaining about the lack of leadership in the Elks Club golf operation. The Club had tried to operate the golf operation without PGA representation for several years after many years of having a PGA Professional in place. He presented them with a plan that outlined how he could be the solution to their problems. Out of loyalty to his friends and the PGA, the Elks Club #590 has had a PGA Professional running the golf operation. It is thriving. The Club is completing a $2 million dollar club house renovation and irrigation system upgrade. He is in a position where he doesn’t require a salary for his services to the Elks Club #590. The membership is appreciative of his service and the Board of Directors understand the value that he brings to the Club.

Anderson is an unselfish volunteer when it comes to representing the PGA of America. He has served the following: Charter GIVE instructor since 2007, Iowa PGA Junior Academy, Brown Deer Women’s Golf League clinic instructor, has been a speaker at Rotary, Kiwanis, Monday Morning Quarterback Club, Cub Scout Den meetings, Church Men’s group and many golf clinics. He has gotten to know many people throughout his PGA career. He is proud that they know him to be associated with the PGA of America.

While he was Director of Golf at Finkbine Golf Course from 1994-2007, he hosted multiple state high school championships, Men’s and Women’s Collegiate tournaments, Men’s and Women’s Big Ten Championships, Men’s and Women’s Iowa Amateur Championships, USGA qualifiers, Iowa PGA Section Junior Championships, and Iowa PGA Section events including Section Championships.

Outside of the PGA, he is a Leadership Donor and Volunteer for the United Way of Johnson & Washington Counties. He spearheaded the City of Iowa City campaign during a year that saw a $20,000 increase in donations, leading to the City of Iowa City being awarded the Company of the Year by United Way of Johnson & Washington Counties.

From 1994-2007, he was a golf committee member for the Ronald McDonald House Iowa City “FORE THE

HOUSE” fundraiser and host PGA professional at Finkbine Golf Course for that annual event. From 2013-2023, he has been a golf committee member for the Iowa City Hospice golf fundraiser and host PGA professional at the Elks County Club.

Being involved in the community you live in pays many dividends. It seems the more he gives, the more he receives.

Iowa PGA Board Member Gene Bears, Jr., PGA had a few nice words to say about Anderson, “During the Last four years Terry has been very influential in my continued commitment to continuing my involvement as a member of the Board of Directors of the Iowa Section. His constant encouragement and support for my involvement with Associates has been a great guiding light. And as Terry himself joined the Iowa Section Board of Directors Terry has kept Iowa Section Membership first and foremost best interest at hand.”

Aaron Krueger, PGA Director of Golf at Wakonda Club, “Terry has been very influential in the career journey of nine PGA Professionals. From those he has coached at Iowa to those that worked under him at Finkbine, Terry has played a major mentoring and supportive role in their careers. Most notably, Terry’s son, Zack, is a PGA Golf Professional having worked at Castle Pines Golf Club in Castle Rock, CO. This is a true testament to Terry’s role as a PGA Professional, to have your son follow in your professional footsteps!”

Sergeant Major Jim Dickerson, PGA Life Member, “Terry has also been a stalwart instructor for the GIVE Foundation since its inception in 2007, volunteering his time and expertise to the more than 1,500 veterans and their significant others at The Riverside Casino and Golf Resort. He has set an example and encouraged many professionals to also volunteer for this exemplary program. His influence with the veterans and his exemplary demeanor has shown his fellow professionals what it means to give of oneself for the betterment of others.”

Nick Papadakes, PGA Past President, Illinois PGA, “Terry and I first met when I was a young freshman at the University of Iowa. Terry took me under his wing, convincing me that golf was going to be my career path. For the past 30 years, Terry has been a friend and mentor, helping me throughout the career he encouraged me to pursue.”

William Feagler had some nice words to say, “Terry is very encouraging and always focused. He knows the right thing to say and is never too critical. He has always been outstanding with helping me manage my emotions and golf game. But Terry has been more than just a golf coach, he has been my best role model outside of golf also. Terry has shown up at almost all of my tennis matches in Iowa. He has taught me the importance of staying calm, thinking before you act, and being patient. It has helped me a lot to observe what it looks like to do these things on a deeper level from Terry and not just being told from any ordinary teacher or coach.”

Anderson won the Iowa PGA Golf Professional of the Year Award in 2004.

The Iowa PGA Congratulates Terry Anderson as our 2023 Bill Strausbaugh Award.


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