Iowa PGA Professional Development Award

This honor should be based on a professional’ entire record and achievements over their career. The following guidelines are used to determine nominees for this prestigious award:
• Various types of educational seminars brought to the section
• Contributions made to building the PGA image
• Leadership and networking ability
• Promotion of the game of golf within the community
• Techniques used to encourage membership support of the various seminars
• Articles written for publication in books or magazines
• Please list any sectional / nationally recognized courses attended by nominee which enhance the PGA professional.

• Candidate must be a PGA Member in good standing
• Candidate must be well regarded as a model PGA Member
• Demonstration and acknowledgement as an individual of outstanding leadership and strong moral character.

The following persons are ineligible:
• Class “F” or “Reserve” Members
• Apprentices or Associates

Other Considerations:
The Iowa PGA Award will be presented at the All Star Pro Golf Awards Luncheon Ceremony, held in conjunction with the Iowa PGA Annual Meeting. Tuesday, October 24th.

Award Nomination Form