Erin Strieck Wins Professional Development Award And Michael McNamara Wins Strausbaugh Award

Oct 6, 2020

Strieck Wins Professional Development Award

Riverside, Iowa – Erin Strieck of Pinnacle Country Club has been named the 2020 Professional Development Award (formerly the Horton Smith Award) winner. The Professional Development Award is based on a Professional’s entire record and achievements over their career. The guidelines for this award include various types of educational seminars brought to the section, contributions made to building the PGA image, leadership and networking ability, promotion of the game of golf within the community, techniques used to encourage membership support of the various seminars, articles written for publication in books or magazines and any sectional or nationally recognized coursed attended by the nominee which enhance the PGA Professional.
“A motto she tries to live by every day is ‘Don’t talk about it, be about it.’  Every day get out there and do something that impacts the life of someone, don’t just talk about it.  Being a mentor and providing leadership in the greatest game ever played is a dream come true.” Strieck was quoted.

Being nominated for this prestigious award, has given Strieck time to reflect on where she has been and where she’s going. She believes being a mentor for our young professionals and having a strong sense of leadership is essential in building the PGA brand.  We must create environments for assistants and PGA professionals to grow in their personal and professional lives.  She believes the Iowa PGA Section is at the fore front of creating this environment.

Strieck was a part of the PGA LEAD Cohort VI. This is a composed of up to 15 PGA Members who participate in a curated leadership development experience tailored to those who desire in a volunteer leadership role. PGA LEAD welcomes PGA Members who are early on in their leadership journey, as well as those who are more advanced.

Strieck has been a member of the Iowa PGA Board of Directors since 2015. She was voted in a the Iowa PGA Section Secretary in October of 2017. She became the Iowa PGA Section Vice President in October of 2019. In October of 2021, Strieck will become the first Iowa PGA Female President. Quite an honor for the PGA Professional.

Strieck became a PGA Member in December of 2001. Her career has taken her from Eagle Ridge Resort and Spa where she sewed as an Assistant Golf Professional, Head Golf Professional and eventually as the Director of Golf. She also spent time at Frye Lake and Spirit Hollow before becoming the Head PGA Professional at Pinnacle Country Club.

The COVID outbreak has limited our opportunity to give back to the community, but in May of last year we hosted a complimentary field day for a local elementary school.  The field day consisted of 600 kids hitting balls at the range and playing three holes of golf.  For most of the kids, this was their first time around the game of golf and a golf course.  The kids were so excited to be at Pinnacle and golf.  If we made an impact on 10% of the kids, she feels the event was a success. 

When asked on what this means to win this award, “I am honored to be the recipient of the 2020 IPGA Professional Development Award. I have been fortunately enough to have mentors in my life and if I can make a difference in a Golf Professionals PGA journey, then I call that an accomplishment.” Strieck said.
The Iowa PGA Congratulates Erin Strieck as our 2020 Professional Development Award winner.


McNamara Wins Strausbaugh Award

Riverside, Iowa – Michael McNamara of Blue Top Ridge has been named the 2020 Bill Strausbaugh Award winner by the Iowa PGA Awards Committee. The Strausbaugh Award emphasizes the nominee’s performance and achievements over the past five years and is awarded to those who demonstrate day-to-day alternative methods of improving the employment conditions for the PGA Professional.

McNamara’s first few days working his dream job as an Assistant Professional he said to a guest at check in “Give this to “my” starter. His first, Head Professional Steve Ficovich, made it clear, in a fun way, hey it’s “Our” Starter. He believes that moment has inspired him to lead by example, motivate individuals to be their best, and help others achieve their goals by being a team player. 
In the recent years McNamara has been given the opportunity to work closely with our GIVE program.  The program initiated the National Tee Tournament of 250 disabled veterans for a full week at our facility.  He was unaware that veterans would be become so influential in his life.

They as a team, Blue Top Ridge hosts multiple large groups and corporate outings, fundraising events and the Iowa Open.  We have also added the Iowa Junior Open that is now in its 2nd year.  It takes several staff members to be successful preparing and operating these large events.  They like to say “We Do Big Good”. 

“Mike is a person that does thoughtful deeds without a selfish thought. He doesn't do great things to be seen or for the glory. His work speaks for itself. He even challenges me to think in the same manner. This is what it means to be a PGA professional.  For example, with his efforts with the National Tee Tournament, he has constructed adaptive golf equipment for an injured veteran in his own garage. Mike has also taken an interest in volunteering his time to give instruction and partner with the DAV who have organized the tournament for a number of years.” Jacob Shultz of Blue Top Ridge.
The Iowa PGA Congratulates Michael McNamara as our 2020 Bill Strausbaugh Award winner.

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