Private Merchandiser of the Year Award

The Merchandiser of the Year Award is designed to recognize those PGA Professionals who have excelled as a businessperson / merchandiser in the promotion of golf. The PGA honors PGA Professionals in three categories: Private, Public and Resort facilities.

Private Merchandiser of the Year Criteria:

1. Criteria to Measure

a. Demonstration of skill in planning and promotion of sales by presenting products to his/her market on a timely basis, and through the use of specialized merchandising techniques that include display and advertising.


• Candidate must be a PGA Member in good standing
• Candidate must be well regarded as a model PGA Member
• Demonstration and acknowledgement as an individual of outstanding leadership and strong moral character.

The following persons are ineligible:

• Class “F” or “Reserve” Members
• Apprentices or Associates

Other Considerations:
The Iowa PGA Award will be presented at the All Star Pro Golf Awards Luncheon Ceremony, held in conjunction with the Iowa PGA Annual Meeting. Tuesday, October 22nd.

Award Nomination Form