PDR Overview

Effective for MSR Cycle 15A: June 16, 2018 – June 15, 2021:

PGA Members are required to earn 54 total MSR credits for a three-year cycle; at least 36 of those must come from Meeting/Education/Player Development. These credits are commonly referred to as the “required category”. These consist of, but are not limited to Section and Chapter meetings and education seminars, as well as various PGA of America approved Player Development Programs. You may also attend Non-Section education seminars as long as they are career specific and you are highly encouraged to contact the Section office BEFORE attending to confirm you will earn credit.

The other category is referred to as the “total category”. These credits can be obtained through a wide variety of activities including but not limited to playing in Section tournaments, volunteering at Section Consumer Events and having an article you wrote published in a golf publication.

For more information contact regarding MSR credits click here (link to our new Education Opportunities tab). Please contact Tess Goudy with any questions regarding MSR credits at tgoudy@pgahq.com or (319) 648-0026.