Iowa PGA Strategic Plan

In 2018 the Iowa PGA Board sought input and ideas from the Iowa PGA Board, the Iowa PGA Foundation Board and Past Presidents and created the Iowa PGA Section

Approximately every five years, all successful organizations take time to strategically assess their operations, business practices and goals. The Iowa PGA Section last created a Strategic Plan in 2014 and has worked hard to complete many of those goals. Past leadership and staff have made wise decisions that have placed the Iowa PGA Section in a continuing position of success. The current Iowa PGA Board wants to maintain that trend of being responsible and forward-thinking stewards of the association.

The Section is currently in a strong financial position based on a vibrant junior program, an extremely successful golf card sales program and faithful sponsors, among other reasons. The Section’s investments are strong and are invested in a balanced portfolio. The Iowa PGA continues to receive annual ADP (Association Development Programming) funding from the national PGA.. With this in mind, now is the proper time to evaluate where the Section has been and look ahead to where the Section could go. This then begs the question, “What is the mission of the Iowa PGA and is it supported with applicable goals and action plans?”

A Strategic Plan Committee was formed and alongside Iowa PGA staff, worked diligently to perform a thorough SWOT analysis of the Section. The Strategic Plan Committee also took a considerable amount of time to review and update the Mission, Vision and Values. During this process, the Committee felt it was imperative to gain the feedback and input from Section members and associates through a member survey. That information was paramount in confirming that the Committee’s focus was on the correct topics while trying to grow the game and serve the member.

To achieve overall success, a series of goals and action plans have been developed based on the Committee’s efforts. The chief topics have been outlined in this document and will be referred to each time the Iowa PGA Board of Directors creates and establishes the annual Business Plan and makes decisions impacting the future of the Section.

This Strategic Plan is to be a living document, subject to change and input as times and conditions require.

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