Iowa PGA


The Iowa PGA Section is established as an association of PGA golf professionals dedicated to positively impacting lives through promoting and growing the game of golf, while offering services and opportunities to the profession of golf professionals, enhancing the opportunities for amateurs, employers, manufacturers, employees and the general public.


The Iowa PGA shall exist for…

  • Creating enjoyment for the game of golf while,
  • Inspiring leadership, collaboration and innovation in
  • Empowering diversity and inclusion.


INTEGRITY – The Iowa PGA upholds the values of the PGA of America and the game of golf
ACCOUNTABILITY– The Iowa PGA behaves ethically, taking responsibility for our actions. 
PHILANTHROPIC – The Iowa PGA is committed to giving back to the community through the game of golf. 
GROWING THE GAME – The Iowa PGA is devoted to growing the game of golf through empowerment and leadership. 
ACHIEVING EXCELLENCE – Through committed teamwork and innovation, the Iowa PGA strives to achieve excellence in all that it does.