Iowa Golf Council

The Iowa Golf Council, made up of the Iowa PGA, Iowa Golf Association and Iowa Golf Course Superintendents Association, recognizes and will promote the golf industry as a significant business sector and driver of economic activity in the state of Iowa.  It will facilitate the implementation of programs and public policies designed to help grow the game of golf in Iowa. 

The Iowa Golf Council will be in attendance at the Iowa Tourism Conference at the Prairie Meadows Casino on February 6-8 in Des Moines, Iowa. The Iowa Tourism Conference includes professional development sessions and networking opportunities for industry representatives as well as guest speakers. Be sure to stop by and see the Iowa Golf Council at the Iowa Tourism Conference and check out their insights below. 

Golf’s Economic Impact:

  •  The Iowa Golf Council has found that $68.8 billon is contributed to the American Economy every year with over two million jobs. 

Golf’s Economic Impact in Iowa:

  • Golf has created over 11,435 jobs in the state of Iowa.
  • Golf is Responsible for $817.5 Million in economic output in Iowa. 
  • Golf in Iowa Generates $72.3 million in state and local states.
  • The annual compensation for golf in Iowa is $280.2.

Golf’s Impact on Charitable Events in Iowa:

  • Charitable Golf Events rose $28.7 million last year.
  • The 2018 Principal Charity Classic rose $4.34 for the kids of Iowa. 

Golf’s Impact on Environmental:

  • Golf Courses are responsible uses of green space providing wildlife, habitat, a filter for runoff and a cooling effect on developed areas. 

Golf’s Impact on Health and Wellness:

  • A round of golf can burn over 2,000 calories for those who walk. 
  • Riding a cart for an 18-hole round can burn over 1,300 calories.

Golf and Tourism:

  • 834,949 golf trips.
  • The average amount spent per person on golf is about $202.67.
  • A total of $169.2 million spent on golf last year.
  • $21.6 million in state and local taxes generated.

Golf and Tourism in Iowa:

  •  82.4% of Iowans play 30 or more rounds of golf each year. 
  • 60.2% of Iowans play 6-15 golf courses each year.
  • 76.7% are over the age of 50.
  • 67.3% of household income are $100,000 or more. 
  • 52% of Iowans dine out at least 2 times per week. 
  • They also rent hotel rooms, eat at restaurants, visit casinos, visit wineries and microbreweries, shop  and go to live entertainment. 

Golf is a game for everyone:

  • Nine out 10 golfers play at public-access facilities. 
  • The median cost of a round of golf is just $37.