Career Advancement

2023 Career Advancement Scholarship​

PGA Associates and previously graduated applicants are required to submit this form and reponses to the following questions for the one year $1,000 Career Advancement Scholarship:

1. Applicant must include a self-statement concerning his/her background in golf and financial need for the scholarship award.

2. Applicant must include his/her future career goals.

3. The Scholarship Committee requests submit one recommendation – from an employer, a PGA Professional or other non-family connection to address the applicant’s leadership skills and dedication to their selected career.

The Iowa PGA Section Foundation annually awards a career advancement scholarship to assist individuals in furthering their education toward career development. Applicants who are interested in pursuing a career in the golf industry or other career requiring educational training are welcome to apply for a one year $1,000 scholarship.

Any previous high school graduate residing within the boundaries of the Iowa PGA Section and the State of Iowa is eligible to apply. The Iowa PGA Section is bounded on the west by U.S. Highway 71 and includes an area of Western Illinois from a point north of Quincy, east to near Springfield and directly north. It includes the major cities of Monmouth, Macomb, Galesburg, Moline, Rock Island, Kewanee and Galena. It does not include the cities of Freeport, Springfield or Quincy.

Scholarship winners are selected based on their experience and activity in golf, their future career goals, leadership skills and financial need.

Applcants must email of mail completed application to the scholarship committee on or prior to September 10, 2023.

Send to: Iowa PGA Section, 3184 Highway 22, Riverside, IA 52327
​  or         Call 319-648-0026 with any questions

2022 Career Advancement Scholarship

Congratulations to Shayne Shepherd on being selected as the 2022 Career Advancement Scholarship honoree by the Iowa PGA Foundation Career Advancement Scholarship committee.  

Shayne Shepherd Assistant Golf Professional at Pinnacle Country Club has been selected as the 2022 Career Advancement Scholarship honoree by the Iowa PGA Foundation committee.

​Shepherd was quoted saying, “This solidifies my hard work that I’ve been putting in through the years knowing I’m in the right track. I will be donating the money I won to the golf team that I coach. Thank you to Erin Strieck and Mike Armes for assisting me while doing the PGM Program and for being great mentors to me.”

Previous Career Advancement Scholarship Recipients
2022 Shayne Shepherd
2021 Abigail Gaudian
2020 Bailee Flory
2019 Chris Stauffer
2019 Morgan McMillan
2019 Bailee Flory