Specht and Team Win 17th Annual Iowa PGA Las Vegas Pro-Am

Feb 20, 2019


Las Vegas – Dick Specht and his team of Scott Kramer, Rod Berger, Mike Fagerlind and Bob Hancock won the 17th Annual Iowa PGA Las Vegas Pro-Am on Wednesday.

Specht’s team started the tournament in eighth place with -9 quota points in the first round, but climbed all the way up to second place following their round two winning performance of 36.5 quota points. Specht and his team added 12.25 quota points to their total in the final round. Specht’s team totaled 39.75 quota points over three rounds to secure the win.

Darin Fisher and his team of Joe Bates, Jim Bates, Jason Sullivan and Matt Jones finished in second place in the overall tournament. Fisher’s team started the tournament with -2 quota points, which put them in a tie for sixth place. They remained in a tie for sixth following their 16-quota point performance in round two, and recorded eight quota points in round three for a total of 22 quota points.

Erin Strieck’s team finished in third place overall with 19 quota points. Her team of Kevin Lohmeyer, John Minyard, Mike Peters and Jeff Overson registered eight quota points in the first round and sat in fourth place heading into the second round. Following a second round showing of 22 quota points, Strieck and her team held a first-place lead. They would finish the tournament with -11 quota points to finish in third.  

Josh Bousman, Wade Waston, Nick Kremer, Nathan Reed and Rob Tucker finished in fourth place with a total of 16.25 quota points. Bousman and his team carded nine quota points in the first round and responded with 13.5 quota points in round two. They wrapped up their tournament with 6.25 quota points in the final round.

Brad Clark and his team of Todd Alldredge, Cory Haberstich, Brad McCunniff and Bruce Petersen claimed the fifth-place spot overall. Following 14 quota points in round one, Clark and his team carded zero quota points in round two and finished with -4 quota points for a total of 10 quota points for the tournament.

In addition to the overall finishes, Chris Black and his team won the third round only competition with 14.5 quota points. Specht and his team took second place for their second single round top-five finish of the tournament. Dillion Baker, John Bermel and their teams rounded out the top-four for round three.

The Iowa PGA would like to thank Mike Long and Adidas for sponsoring the 17th Annual Iowa PGA Las Vegas Pro-Am. We would also like to thank all the Iowa PGA Professionals and amateurs that participated in this event.