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Sponsored By Harris Golf Cars

Special Thanks To Terry Harris, Scott Harris, Steve Haldeman (Harris Golf Cars) for their support of this season-long event!

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The Iowa PGA Challenge is meant to celebrate the beautiful and memorable holes of the golf courses listed below.  There is no entry fee for this season-long team competition and you are eligible to win the prize money once you have played in a minimum of two events designated below on the schedule.


The Team Challenge will consist of teams formed equally by the Iowa PGA Staff based on prior year participation, scoring average, and ability.

14 Iowa PGA tournaments will feature a designated Iowa PGA Team Challenge hole to be picked by the host PGA Professional.

In order to qualify and earn 100% of the winnings, players must participate in 6 events to be fully invested. Players must play in a minimum of 2 events to receive a percentage payout.

2-3 Events Played = 25% payout
4-5 Events Played = 50% payout
6 Events Played = 100% payout

Only birdies and better will make up a team’s Iowa PGA Team Challenge score. The team with the lowest cumulative score relative to par at the end of the season wins.

In the case of ties, prize money will be split.

Updated Standings will be made available on this page.


April 16 – Junior Senior Draw at Otter Creek Golf Course 
April 23 – Pro-Assistant and Pro-Pro at Briarwood Golf Club 
April 30 – Mizuno 36-Hole Classic at TPC Deere Run 
May 7 – Brad Wuhs Pro-Pro and Education Forum at Hyperion Field Club 
May 21 – NB Golf Cars & M&M Golf Cars Foundation Pro-Am at Davenport Country Club 
June 12 – Junior Academy at Pheasant Ridge Golf Course 
June 25 – Boy Scouts Pro-Am at Davenport Country Club 
July 16 – Pro-Junior at Brown Deer Golf Club 
August 1-3 – Iowa Open at Blue Top Ridge at Riverside Casino 
August 20 – Harris Golf Car Pro-Facility at Blue Top Ridge at Riverside Casino 
September 17 – Pro-Senior at Sunnyside Country Club 
September 24 – Fall Education and Pro-Pro at Cedar Rapids Country Club 
October 1-2 – Iowa PGA Shootout at Amana Colonies Golf Course

Prize Payout

$3,000 split between members of the winning team.