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The Iowa Golf League Network is an Internet based golf league software management application. The Iowa Golf League Network software helps league administrators and secretaries manage their golf leagues and provides league golfers instant access to league schedules, pairings, golf handicaps, and league results. The system is flexible, feature rich, and time tested. Also, priced below a sleeve of golf balls per golfer, it’s a great value.


Leagues represent some of the most passionate golfers in the game. The Golf League Network provides a great platform for these golfers to enjoy their league play even more.”

– Rick Smith

World Renowned Instructor
to the PGA Tour’s Best.

Enjoy a FREE trial period for 21 days or 2 rounds!  Only $6.95 per golfer after trial period.

All individual golfers who are registered in the Iowa Golf League Network will also be invited to participate in the season-ending Iowa Golf League Championship in October.

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Golf League Management

  • Easy Golf League Registration
  • Setup your Golf League with no hassle using a simple step by step process
  • Play with team sizes ranging from 1 to 8 players
  • Choose either 9 or 18 hole formats
  • Quickly set up a single or multi-course league Schedule with round robin pairings, using a variety of round types including Fun rounds, Practice rounds, Qualification rounds, Position rounds and normal rounds
  • The Golf League Software can save time and effort in league preparation with the Scorecard print feature, which dots holes where handicap strokes fall
  • Enter scores in seconds while a real time display updates league results and standings
  • Built in Email and message board modules allow easy intra-league communication for league golfers and administrators
  • Enjoy a vast array of on-demand golf league reports

Play by your Golf League Rules

  • Flexible options for points, scoring types, golf handicaps, hole score reduction, missing players, missing scores and more
  • Have teams play head to head or compete against the field
  • Change formats and points each round
  • Break your golf league into seasons so there can be multiple winners

Golf League Golfers

  • League Golfers enjoy personalized access to their golf league information via unique username and password
  • Round results and standings can be viewed by all players for all rounds and historical data including past years is available on demand
  • League golfers have access to a myriad of golf league reports
  • League golfers can match their statistics against golfers from other golf leagues
  • The Golf League Software provides for Skins (gross & net), which are a popular enhancement to the Fun of league play

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