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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lisa Miller, a PGA Master Professional, is the
PGA director of golf and golf operations manager
for the four public courses of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Fitting Days Provide Special Attention

Lisa Miller on the importance of fitting days:
There is a barrier for women when it comes to purchasing golf equipment. In order to overcome this, we’ve tried to focus on giving women the attention and the respect they deserve during fitting days. Women don’t have the same buying habits as men. Usually men come prepared and have done their research, and just need to hit the club before committing to a purchase. Women tend to come into the fitting days without as much prior knowledge about what they are looking for. They want personal attention and need to have their questions answered by someone who is qualified. While we usually have women who drop in and want help, we encourage women to sign up for clubfitting appointments – that way we know we are getting the women who are serious about purchasing. Usually, a lot of the questions asked during the fitting days revolve around how the ladies can hit the ball farther. Between our PGA Professionals and highly qualified sales representatives in the area, we can field our female customer’s questions and will explain that getting fit for the correct clubs is about hitting the ball more consistently, which will contribute to increasing their distance. Not only have fitting days given us the opportunity to increase our level of customer service, but women have also been more apt to buy when they are truly fitted instead of just allowing them to just hit some golf clubs at a demo day.

Lisa Miller on the business impact of fitting days:
From our clubfitting days, about 80 percent of all who attend purchase clubs during the golf season. Of those who attend, 20 percent are women, who accounted for 19 percent of our special orders last year. These numbers have doubled since we started emphasizing fitting days over demo days, so we believe the personal attention is making a difference. Those attending the fitting days already spent quite a bit of time at the golf course, and their conversations after their rounds have transitioned to noting specific shots and results rather than simply reporting their scores. Fitting days have gone a long way towards creating lifelong golfers and enhancing the satisfaction level of our customers.

Each week, women PGA Professionals as well as leading PGA members, who have been recognized as experts in growing the women’s golf market, work with PGA Magazine to supply their colleagues with best practice ideas on how to grow women’s participation in the game of golf.

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