Mike McNamara- February 2011 PROfile

College/University: A.A. Associate of Arts Degree De Anza College: Cupertino, CA, 1995; College/University: A.A.B. Golf Complex Operations and Management: San Diego Golf Academy, 1999
Year Turned Pro: 1999, PGA membership in 2008
Facility and Job Title: West Liberty Golf & Country Club,
Head Golf Professional

What was your motivation to become a PGA Professional?
Growing up in California, I enjoyed being outside and playing golf. I have had the opportunity to play some of the world’s most beautiful golf courses.  I decided to turn my passion for golf into a career. The old saying “If you love what you do, you never work a day in your life” holds very true for me.

What is your specialty in the golf business?
I enjoy interaction with guests, ownership and co-workers. I take pleasure in making each guest’s golf experience one that they will remember.  I enjoy organizing golf outings and working together with co-workers providing a truly great golf event.  I also have the benefit of teaching in the Riverside Performance Studio. The state of the art technology allows me to use digital video analysis in one-on-one teaching sessions.

What was your greatest moment in golf?
Completing the PGA PGM Program and being elected into full PGA Membership.  I accomplished a goal that took several years to achieve.

What or who has had the greatest impact on your career?
Moving from California to Iowa in 2001 had the biggest impact on my career.  The number of golf industry jobs was limited, so I had to be even more focused and patient on my dream to become a PGA Professional.  There has been many PGA Professionals who have each impacted my education and experience in different ways and I am very grateful for all of their help.

Besides golf, what else do you enjoy?
In my spare time I enjoy fishing, walking my dog and spending time with my grandfather.  I’m always spending time in the garage fiddling with something.

If you could play any golf course in the world, which one would it be and who would complete your foursome?
I would play Pebble Beach on a clear summer day with golf’s greatest icons, Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer and Tom Watson.

If you could give lessons to anyone in the world who would it be and what advice would you give?

I enjoy teaching Junior Golf.  Our young players are our future. Seeing how quickly they can improve is rewarding.  My advice is to have fun and enjoy practicing.

What is your favorite golf instruction tip?
Many of my students tend to swing the golf club too much on the inside on their backswings causing the club to cross the line and point to the right of the target at the top.  This promotes an “over – the – top” golf swing.  You want the club to be parallel to the target line at the top.  Doing this properly will allow you to start the down swing on a better swing plane.

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