July 2012 Iowa PGA PROfile-Bradley Sponseller-Sponsored by Harris Golf Cars

Name: Bradley Sponseller
College/University: Golf Academy of America – Orlando
Year Turned Pro: 2000
Facility and Job Title: Westwood Golf Course Head PGA Professional

1. What was your motivation to become a PGA Professional?
As I reached my early twenties I fell in love with the game and became passionate about getting better. A few PGA pros helped me along the way and now I want to give back to others who enjoy the game as much as I do.

2. What is your specialty in the golf business?
Customer service is probably my specialty. I enjoy taking care of the guests and pass holders at my facility.

3. Please list any accomplishments (Awards, Certifications, and Tournaments.)  
2007 Became full member of the PGA of America

4. What was your greatest moment in golf?    
Played in a Pro-Am at Elmwood Country Club with Dr. Tom Davis former Iowa Hawkeye Men’s Basketball coach. Was an honor and privilege to play along with him.

5. What or who has had the greatest impact on your career?
Jerry Johnson PGA Professional at Elmwood Country Club. I worked as an assistant for him for 8 years. He taught me everything I needed to know about the game, the business and life itself.

6. Besides golf, what else do you enjoy?
I enjoy spending time with my 13 year old son and following him around all summer to little league baseball games and when time allows, ride my motorcycle.

7. If you could play any golf course in the world, which one would it be and who would complete your foursome?
Augusta National with Zach Johnson, Emmitt Smith and Michael Jordan.

8. If you could give lessons to anyone in the world who would it be and what advice would you give?
Tiger Woods, we have all seen him struggle the last couple of years and my advice to him would be to play and forget about swing thoughts. Get him back to when he was a kid with no fear and all the shots.

9. What is your favorite golf instruction tip?
Pure fundamentals getting students in the proper grip set-up and alignment. It’s amazing how improper set-ups can create so many swing flaws.

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