January 2012 PGA PROfile – sponsored by Harris Golf Cars

Lisa Miller, PGA

College/University: B.A. in Education from the University of Northern Iowa (first woman to receive an athletic scholarship in golf at UNI); M.A. in Athletic Administration from the University of Iowa

Year Turned Pro:  1994:; first woman to attain PGA membership in the Iowa PGA Section

Facility and Job Title:  City of Cedar Rapids Golf Operations (four courses). Director of Golf Operations; 17 years as an adjunct faculty member for the PGA PGM program; National Education Committee member

What was your motivation to become a PGA Professional?
My spouse was my motivating factor to become a PGA Professional. I was looking for a career where I could utilize my talents as a coach, manage a business, work with people who were enjoying a sport and love going to work every day. Golf fit my dream.

What is your specialty in the golf business?
Operations management….I fully enjoy golf programming and supervising both golf professionals and turfgrass superintendents.

Please list any accomplishments (Awards, Certifications, and Tournaments.)
2005: Master Professional membership (Golf Operations)
2009: Elected to the Athletic Hall of Fame at the University of Northern Iowa
2008: Iowa PGA Section, Horton Smith award
2006: Iowa PGA Section, Bill Strausbaugh award
2005 & 2003: Iowa PGA Section Merchandiser of the Year award for public facilities

What was your greatest moment in golf?
Playing against Nancy Lopez several times in college.

What or who has had the greatest impact on your career?
Teaching on the adjunct faculty for the PGA PGM program. The apprentices aspiring to become PGA members continue to influence my professional golf career.

Besides golf, what else do you enjoy?
I enjoy all kinds of athletic activities: biking, basketball, gardening, and fitness walking. I also enjoy traveling, relaxing and viewing beautiful scenery plus wine tours.

If you could give lessons to anyone in the world who would it be and what advice would you give?
I would love to give a golf lesson to my brother who was killed in action in Vietnam.

What is your favorite golf instruction tip?
My favorite instructional tip relates to golf course management. I always suggest to my students to approach their play in segments on the golf course. The scoring portion of the game is much more manageable when viewed by 3 hole segments. Students seems to recover more quickly from a disastrous hole when they try to play their best for every 3 holes instead of for the entire 18 holes.


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