• Over 250 golf facilities offering FREE or discounted green fees/cart rentals/range balls

  • Discount stores offering special discounts on golf apparel and equipment
  • Discounts on golf lessons with PGA Professionals!
  • Private Facility Section! – gives you the ability to play at private clubs
  • Discounts on two Tour stops in Iowa – John Deere Classic (PGA Tour) and Principal Charity Classic presented by Wells Fargo (Champions Tour)
  • Makes the perfect alternative to the discontinued American Cancer Society® and American Lung Association® golf passes

acs-logo-transparent*A portion of every sale will be donated to the American Cancer Society®.

The American Cancer Society® does not endorse any product or service.


Iowa PGA Golf Card Details

What is the Iowa PGA Golf Card?

An Iowa PGA Golf Card is a booklet that contains FREE or discounted rates at over 250 golf facilities across Iowa and Western Illinois. By purchasing the golf card, you can save hundreds, even thousands, of dollars on green fees, cart rentals, range balls, merchandise, and golf lessons!  Once you purchase your Iowa PGA Golf Card, we will immediately send it to you via United States Postal Service and shipping and handling is free.

How Do I Know What Facilities Are Included?

Over 250 golf facilities are included in the 2015 Iowa PGA Golf Card. To view the discounts listed or search facilities by region, click on the link below. You’ll be amazed at how many opportunities are waiting for you!


Can I Give the Iowa PGA Golf Card as a Gift?

Absolutely! The Iowa PGA Golf Card makes a wonderful gift for the avid golfer, beginner or junior golfer in your life. For the low price of $40, you are giving this special person the opportunity to play premier courses in Iowa and Western Illinois at a discounted rate.  The Iowa PGA Golf Card is the perfect gift for Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, and retirements.

How Do I Order the Iowa PGA Golf Card?

Ordering is easy! You can click on the link at the top or bottom of the page to order online using a credit card. We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal. Your order will be processed and mailed right away!  You may also print an order form from this page and mail it into our office with payment.

Where Do The Profits Go?

*By becoming a Golf Card Owner, you are supporting the American Cancer Society® since a portion of every sale is donated to this non-profit organization.  For each golf card sold, the American Cancer Society® will receive 15% of sale of each card. ACS does not endorse any service or product. 

You are also helping support the game of golf through Iowa PGA junior golf programs and public awareness of the game. The Iowa PGA Junior Tour has over 100 tournaments for boys and girls under the age of 18. Programs such as the Iowa PGA Junior Tour, Iowa PGA Pee-Wee Tour, Iowa PGA Golf Skills Challenge, Iowa PGA Junior Golf Academy, Iowa PGA Charlie Burkart Scholarship (college) and many more will benefit from the funds raised through the Golf Card. 



Contributed to American Cancer Society® in 2014 & 2015 from Iowa PGA Golf Card Proceeds

Iowa PGA Golf Card Sponsored Listings

Blue Top Ridge Brown Deer Golf Club Discounts Cresco
David-Gantt Edmundson Golf Course Ellis-Golf-Course
Gardner Golf Course Indian Creek Country Club Jester Park Golf Course Discounts Jones Park Golf Course Discounts Lake Panorama National Golf Course Discounts okoboji-view
Otter Creek Golf Course Sarah Bidney Discounts The Preserve on Rathbun Lake Discounts Riverside-Performance-Studios Timberline TPC Deere Run Discounts


Customer Reviews

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Average rating:  
 67 reviews
by Gary Fox on Iowa PGA Golf Card
Great savings

I have had been buying the Lung Golf Card for years and won the PGA Card at a golf Tournament.  I have saved thousands of dollars over the years using the Golf Cards and got to play courses all over Iowa and some in Minnesota and Wisconsin. We in the upper Midwest are blessed with a nice golf course in almost very small town due to the Farm and Home Administrations Loan policy in the 60's and 70's, this is not the case in other parts of the county. I enjoy playing these beautiful well keep courses, and the playing traffic is not as heavy as in the cities. The PGA Golf Card is helpful to both the American Cancer Society and the smaller town golf courses, and definitely will save you some money plus give you a nice drive in the country..

by John Greenlee on Iowa PGA Golf Card
Great Christmas Present

I have received this book as a Christmas present for many years. Best present ever!

by John Snyder Jr on Iowa PGA Golf Card

Excellent opportunity to play multiple courses you may not normally play. Have had card for years and excellent value for card holders and courses alike!!!

by Frank Hermsen on Iowa PGA Golf Card


by Larry Gerst on Iowa PGA Golf Card

Our group gets these every year and use them at least two times a week playing many different courses. Was glad they took over for the cancer book.

by Steven Hockman on Iowa PGA Golf Card

Looking forward to playing many different courses around Iowa!

by James Jensen on Iowa PGA Golf Card

My wife loves to have a day or two to do "her" thing while I am golfing. My buddies and I love tthis opportunity.

by Douglas Ronnenberg on Iowa PGA Golf Card

Great value, worth every penny!!

by Dan Reyner on Iowa PGA Golf Card
Iowa PGA Golf Card

My brothers and I used the book at over 30 courses this past summer. Looking forward to more outings next summer. A great value supporting a great cause. A great way for us old brothers to get out and play.

by Francis Wulf on Iowa PGA Golf Card
Awesome value

The PGA book is a great value and encourages us to golf at a lot of different courses

by Steve Corwin on Iowa PGA Golf Card
Iowa PGA Golf Book

Everyone in our group buys this book. It's so fun visiting different courses and having a meal after a round of golf with your golfing buddies.

by Charles Hughes on Iowa PGA Golf Card
Charles Hughes

Look forward to using the book annually and appreciate the fact the proceeds go to good use in promotion of golf and other charities.

by Dave Eck on Iowa PGA Golf Card
cancer book

All the guys I play with buy this and have done so for many years. GREAT value!

by Dennis Frevert on Iowa PGA Golf Card
Looking forward to 2016

I wasn't able to use a card last year but I am looking forward to playing new courses and revisiting ones outside of the metro area I have been to in the past.

by Sabrina on Iowa PGA Golf Card
First time buyer

First time buyer! It is awesome.

by Larry Hetherton on Iowa PGA Golf Card
Great Bargain

My wife and I have been buying the Iowa PGA Golf Card every year. We have a group of couples that play golf around the state on courses participating in the Card. It's a real bargain and great fun for all our couples. Also, it's a great donation as we have all been affected one way or another by cancer.

by Jerry Hoard on Iowa PGA Golf Card
PGA golf card

Great cause and hope to get some memorable golf from using the card.

by Roger Reed on Iowa PGA Golf Card
Good purchase

I enjoy golfing various clubs throughout Iowa with a group of friends, and glad to be able to use the discounts, as well as supporting a great cause.

by BRIAN LANDIS on Iowa PGA Golf Card

Time to dust off the clubs.

by Jacob Meyer on Iowa PGA Golf Card
Broaden Horizons!

This card has allowed me to try new courses all over the state! Definitely worth every penny!

by Matt Haley on Iowa PGA Golf Card
Iowa PGA Golf Card

Great Buy

by jim mcgrew on Iowa PGA Golf Card
keeps us going

Great value and keeps some 86 year olds swinging away!

by James Comisky on Iowa PGA Golf Card

We buy this for our son every year. He's always looking for a new place to play.

by Ron Boeckenstedt on Iowa PGA Golf Card

Great book...good reason for me and my friends to play good courses and more of them with this book. Great cause. Thanks.

by Paul M. on Iowa PGA Golf Card
Great Value!!!

I travel all over the Eastern half of the state on business. This offers me the opportunity to play courses at a reduced cost and make return visits with friends.

by Bob Michels on Iowa PGA Golf Card

I had the coupon code in parenthesis like it was shown on promotion but it would not recognize it until I Deleted the parenthesis and only typed in ILOVEGOLF15. We get the card every year and use it regularly.

by Nick George on Iowa PGA Golf Card
The PGA Golf Card: A Fun Way To Give Back

I have been using The PGA Golf Card for more than a decade now and the best thing that I can say about it is: It's a great way to have fun, play golf and save money...all while helping support a worthwhile cause - The American Cancer Society. Plus, it's fun traveling around my state, discovering new golf courses that I would not have ordinarily played, were it not for this card. It also goes to support the game of golf itself and the young players that have discovered a love for the sport. It's a win win for all involved. I highly recommend it to my friends and to those who love the game of golf.

by tim buelow on Iowa PGA Golf Card
Save big on golf

I've purchased the Iowa PGA card several years in a row now. It's a great way to motivate yourself to try new courses and save at the same time.

by Jim Young on Iowa PGA Golf Card
Great Value

You can't go wrong purchasing the PGA book! Great value with a ton of savings to be had. They also make a great Christmas gift!

by Jeff Yelland on Iowa PGA Golf Card

Have purchased the cards for years. Give them for Christmas presents.

by Steve Maricle on Iowa PGA Golf Card

Easy and for a great cause

by Aaron Valley on Iowa PGA Golf Card

Looking forward to using the card next year!

by Brad Bachman on Iowa PGA Golf Card

Fantastic offer, gives my buddy and myself the opportunity to play at least 25 different courses the last 2 years. To be able to play on some of the states best at great affordable green fees, just awesome! Can't wait to get going in 2016.

by John Osvald on Iowa PGA Golf Card
Great bargain

Our traveling group has been introduced to many new courses thanks to the Iowa PGA card, along with supporting a worthy cause.

by Dave Westley on Iowa PGA Golf Card
Great Bargain

We have purchased two PGA Golf Cards every year since the PGA has offered it. My wife and I, our daughters and grandson are avid golfers. Many times when deciding where to golf we use our card to see which course honor the card. We have saved a substantial amount of money on greens fess. If you enjoy golf this is a great deal for the money.

by Vaughn McClelland on Iowa PGA Golf Card
Iowa PGA Book

Great bargain. Three of us use it regularly thru-out the spring and summer saving $$$ and playing lots of golf

by Charles Chase on Iowa PGA Golf Card

My friend and I get cards every year. I found out about these and order the for us. We never could have golf so much with out them.

by Sherri Morano on Iowa PGA Golf Card

A group of us toured all 99 counties using our golf card, you can see our blog at TourIowaGolfing.blogspot.com. We saved TONS!

by Larry Conrad on Iowa PGA Golf Card

I have purchased the Cancer card and now the PGA card for 15 years. Savings per round is a real plus. Thanks to the many courses for their participation.

by Perry Penniston on Iowa PGA Golf Card

Two others in my regular golf group wanted the card, so I have ordered cards for them also.

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