Field Announced for 2012 Special Olympics Golf Invitational Tournament

KPMG, PGA of America, PGA TOUR & USGA Support 13th Annual Tournament

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla.A roster of nearly 200 golfers from 19 Special Olympics North America programs will compete in the 13th annual Special Olympics North America Golf Invitational Tournament at the Wigwam Resort in Litchfield Park, Ariz., Sept. 6-9, 2012. KPMG, The PGA of America, USGA and PGA Tour are presenting sponsors of the 2012 tournament.

Special Olympics golf is part of the worldwide Special Olympics sports movement for children and adults with intellectual disabilities.  Special Olympics golfers and their Unified partners (for team play) will compete in one of five levels of competition. Olympic-style Opening Ceremonies will tee off the event on Thursday, Sept. 6, with three competitive golf rounds played Friday, Sept. 7, through Sunday, Sept. 9.  Awards ceremonies for the golf competition will take place immediately following the final round on Sunday, Sept. 9.

Special Olympics Golf allows athletes to grow in the game as they gain experience.  Level I competition consists of an individual skills contest, where six golf skills are tested. Level II is Unified Sports® alternate shot team play, where a Special Olympics athlete is paired with a golfer without intellectual disability for 9-hole competition. Level III is Unified Sports® team play, pairing Special Olympics athletes and golfers without intellectual disabilities for an 18-hole competition. Levels IV and V are individual stroke play 9-hole and 18-hole competitions, respectively.

The Special Olympics golf program began in 1988 with the assistance of The PGA of America and USGA.  Since then, both associations contribute to the growth of the program with grassroots training, rules education, tournament administration and national program financial support.  The PGA Tour also provides ongoing financial support to the program. PGA Tour player Padraig Harrington and LPGA Tour player I.K. Kim are global sport ambassadors for Special Olympics. Currently, more than 19,000 Special Olympics athletes participate in golf training and competition within 49 U.S. Special Olympics programs. Worldwide, more than 50 countries offer Special Olympics golf programs.



Jason Behymer, Athlete, Cave Creek, Level 2
Michael Hames, Partner, Cave Creek, Level 2
Matthew Marquez, Partner, Chandler, Level 3
Julie Apache, Athlete, Churchroot, Level 1
Jeremiah Ignacio, Athlete, Farmington, Level 2
Sharon Wiles, Athlete, Kinlichee, Level 1
Kellen Denny, Partner, Mentmore, Level 2
Brian Daniels, Athlete, Mesa, Level 1
Will Basehore, Athlete, Mesa, Level 1
Chase Clark, Athlete, Mesa, Level 1
Gene Marquez, Athlete, Mesa, Level 3
Ryan Carlson, Athlete, Mesa, Level 2
Bruce Lenth, Partner, Mesa, Level 2
Roger Braun, Athlete, Phoenix, Level 5
Jordan Harter, Athlete, Scottsdale, Level 1
Delaney Larsen, Athlete, Scottsdale, Level 1
Jeff Steron, Athlete, Tempe, Level 2
Pat Linderman, Partner, Tempe, Level 2
Sarah Friedman, Athlete, Tucson, Level 2
Roque Quijada, Jr., Athlete, Tucson, Level 3
Kenneth Friedman, Partner, Tucson, Level 2
Roque Quijada, Sr., Partner, Tucson, Level 3
DeLane Toledo, Athlete, Whiteface, Level 1

Tammy Chambers, Athlete, Manitoba, Level 4
Ian Swain, Athlete, Manitoba, Level 4


Tyler Whitehurst, Athlete, Dunedin, Level 5
Stephen Leggett, Athlete, Milton, Level 2
Tracy Leggett, Partner, Milton, Level 2
Christopher Bass, Athlete, Palatka, Level 2
Miguel Perez, Athlete, Port St. Lucie, Level 3
Frank Vernoia, Athlete, Port St. Lucie, Level 4
Mark Brady, Partner, Port St. Lucie, Level 3
Zachery Fishburn, Athlete, San Mateo, Level 2
Kyle Coleman, Partner, San Mateo, Level 2
Dane Fishburn, Partner, San Mateo, Level 2
Cyrus Buker, Athlete, Tallahassee, Level 2
Bill Schack, Partner, Tallahassee, Level 2

Mark Paternostro, Athlete, Alsip, Level 4
Robert Sniegolski, Athlete, Chicago, Level 1
Sioban Clancy, Athlete, Chicago, Level 1
Wendell Pearson, Athlete, Chicago, Level 1
Anthony Walker, Athlete, Chicago, Level 4
David Schmitt, Athlete, Chicago, Level 4
John Fajdich, Athlete, Chicago, Level 4
Sean Hurley, Athlete, Chicago, Level 4
Nicole Composono, Athlete, Crestwood, Level 1
Anthony Lewaniak, Athlete, Lombard, Level 2
Theodore Callahan, Athlete, Lombard, Level 2
Thomas Lewaniak, Partner, Lombard, Level 2
Ann Roytek-Ryllo, Partner, Mundelein, Level 2

Jesse Pease, Athlete, Sioux City, Level 2
Keith Pease, Partner, Sioux City, Level 2

Justin McCabe, Partner, Annapolis, Level 2
Martin Valaske, Athlete, Arnold, Level 2
Blaine McGlothlin, Athlete, Baltimore, Level 2
Rick McGlothlin, Partner, Baltimore, Level 2
Steve Miller, Athlete, Cambridge, Level 3
Shawn Coppenger, Athlete, Colora, Level 3
Midge Coppenger, Partner, Colora, Level 3
David Cross, Partner, Darlington, Level 3
Eric Collinson, Athlete, Edgewater, Level 2
Martha Collinson, Partner, Edgewater, Level 2
John E. Stapleton, Athlete, Elkridge, Level 4
Chris Taylor, Athlete, Forest Hill, Level 3
Stanley Frederick, Athlete, Frederick, Level 1
David Henline, Athlete, Gamber, Level 1
Kelsey Rowe, Athlete, Greensboro, Level 1
Daniel Lipsey, Partner, Kent Island, Level 3
Brandon Vreeland, Athlete, North Potomac, Level 1
Matt James, Athlete, Rawlings, Level 5
Shane Molovinsky, Athlete, Rockville, Level 1
Jay Cromwell, Athlete, Rockville, Level 2
Jim Cromwell, Partner, Rockville, Level 2
Adam Russell, Athlete, Silver Spring, Level 2
Laura Russell, Partner, Silver Spring, Level 2

Nathand Simons, Athlete, North Reading, Level 3
Geoffrey Simons, Partner, North Reading, Level 3
Brian Mills, Athlete, Northborough, Level 2
Scott Ayres, Partner, Shrewsbury, Level 2
Keith Peabody, Athlete, Wilmington, Level 5

Wayne Krueger, Athlete, Alexandria, Level 4
Josh Doeden, Athlete, Fargo, Level 4
Sam Beedy, Athlete, Moorhead, Level 2
Todd Beedy, Partner, Moorhead, Level 2
William Rice, Athlete, St. Cloud, Level 4

Danny Dasis, Athlete, Butler, Ala.,Level 4

Ken Lederich, Athlete, St. Louis, Level 2
Brian Williams, Athlete, St. Louis, Level 2
Chris Ringot, Athlete, St. Louis, Level 2
Richard Lederich, Partner, St. Louis, Level 2
Michael Burke, Partner, St. Louis, Level 2
Terry Ringot, Partner, St. Louis, Level 2
Jason Wright, Athlete, Springfield, Level 5

Stacey Johnston-Gleason, Athlete, Chester, Level 5

Brent Apo-Hruska, Athlete, Bellevue, Level 2
Kyle Bugge, Athlete, Bellevue, Level 3
John Moen, Partner, Bellevue, Level 2
Jake Hemelstrand, Partner, Bellevue, Level 3
Tim Andrews, Athlete, Omaha, Level 2
Erin Morgan, Athlete, Omaha , Level 2
Erick Friedberg, Athlete, Omaha, Level 2
Larry Andrews, Partner, Omaha, Level 2
Sandra Morgan, Partner, Omaha, Level 2
Bernard Friedberg, Partner, Omaha, Level 2

New Mexico
Matthew Scates, Athlete, Albuquerque, Level 4


North Carolina
Kristen Kinert, Athlete, Chapel Hill, Level 2
Darrell Schwartz, Athlete, Chapel Hill, Level 4
Tom Kinert, Partner, Chapel Hill, Level 2
Jim Cowick, Athlete, Charlotte, Level 5
Matthew Bynum Smitherman, Athlete, East Bend, Level 2
Lawrence Blume, Partner, Pittsburgh, PA, Level 2
Lauren McMurry, Athlete, Raleigh, Level 1
Cedric Drye, Athlete, Salisbury, Level 1
Shawn Majors, Athlete, NA, Level 4


South Carolina
Nick Short, Partner, Atlanta, GA, Level 2
Mike Maider, Partner, Boston, MA, Level 2
George Caswell, Athlete, Brandford, MA, Level 2
Chris Pilcher, Athlete, Charleston, Level 2
Warren Sessions, Partner, Conway, Level 3
Ashlyn Knight, Athlete, Greenville, Level 1
Aaron Livingston, Athlete, Loris, Level 2
Davis Livingston, Partner, Loris, Level 2
Nikki DeWitte, Athlete, Mt Pleasant, Level 1
Kemily Burgess, Athlete, Myrtle Beach, Level 2
Jacob Miller, Athlete, Myrtle Beach, Level 3
James Mckenney, Athlete, Myrtle Beach, Level 3
John Flynn, Athlete, Myrtle Beach, Level 4
Ron Burgess, Partner, Myrtle Beach, Level 2
Mike Purvis, Partner, Myrtle Beach, Level 3
Chris Conant, Athlete, Richmond, Level 2
Lee Gaymon, Partner, Sumter , Level 2
Scott Rohrer, Athlete, York, Level 5

Ryan Triplett, Athlete, Collierville, Level 2
Tripp Abney, Athlete, Franklin, Level 3
Joey Abney, Partner, Franklin, Level 3
Andrew Williams, Athlete, Hixon, Level 5
Marquise Donnell, Athlete, Lebanon, Level 2
Jennifer Elliot, Partner, Lebanon, Level 2
Jon Mark Samples, Athlete, Mt. Juliet, Level 3
Mark Samples, Partner, Mt. Juliet, Level 3
Heather Chance, Athlete, Sevierville, Level 3
Mike Green, Partner, Sevierville, Level 3
Mike Owens, Athlete, NA, Level 2
Ryan Luck, Athlete, NA, Level 5
Dan Deremer, Partner, NA, Level 2
Morris “M.E.” Davis, Partner, NA, Level 2

Michael Badger, Athlete, Colleyville, Level 2
Jonathan Blackmon, Athlete, Flower Mound, Level 3
Michael Gallagher, Athlete, Flower Mound, Level 5
Tim Braun, Athlete, Flower Mound, Level 5
John McCulley, Partner, Flower Mound, Level 3
Steven Hirshman, Athlete, Houston, Level 3
Kevin Harrell, Athlete, Houston, Level 4
Blair Claghorn, Athlete, Houston, Level 5
Alan Hirshman, Partner, Houston, Level 3
Billy McLendon, Partner, Hurst, Level 2
Blaine Hardin, Athlete, McKinney, Level 3
Dean Morris, Partner, McKinney, Level 3
Shannon Wilkinson, Athlete, Murphy, Level 2
Erika Johnson, Athlete, Murphy, Level 4
Doug Sullivan, Athlete, Plano, Level 4
Marty Smith, Partner, Richardson, Level 2
Joshua Dowden, Athlete, Sachse, Level 2
Kent Dowden, Partner, Sachse, Level 2
Kyle Butts, Athlete, San Antonio, Level 5
Stacy Brown, Athlete, Spring, Level 2
Miles Stroud, Athlete, Spring, Level 5
Bill Brown, Partner, Spring, Level 2
Chris Holmes, Athlete, Woodlands, Level 5
Cole Wells, Athlete, Wylie, Level 1
Adam Young, Athlete, Wylie, Level 1
Buddy Randall, Athlete, Wylie, Level 4

Kerry O’Brien, Athlete, Annandale, Level 1
Grace Anne Braxton, Athlete, Fredericksburg, Level 5
Jeff Emery, Athlete, Oakhill, Level 5
Graham Wright, Athlete, Richmond, Level 5
David Curtin, Athlete, Springfield, Level 5
Carson Leggitt, Athlete, Stafford, Level 2
Jeff Leggitt, Partner, Stafford, Level 2
Jesus Godinez, Athlete, Suffolk, Level 2
Tim Zielinski, Athlete, Suffolk, Level 3
Spencer Holt, Athlete, Suffolk, Level 2
Floyd Byrd, Partner, Suffolk, Level 2
Frank Zielinski, Partner, Suffolk, Level 3
Lee Blount, Partner, Suffolk, Level 2

Kaitlin Miller, Athlete, Green Bay, Level 2
James Miller, Partner, Green Bay, Level 2
Andrew Winter, Athlete, Lannon, Level 3
Robert Winter, Partner, Lannon, Level 3
Rebecca Stelpflug, Athlete, Menomonee, Level 4
Scott Davis, Athlete, Wisconsin Rapids, Level 5

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