Emil Roewert – November 2008 PROfile


Name:   Emil Roewert
Age:  86
Year Turned Pro: 04/1949
Facility: Retired – Life Member

What was your motivation to become a PGA Professional?
Love of the game – atmosphere enjoyed by other golfers.

What clubs are currently in your bag?

What brand of golf ball do you prefer?

Besides golf, what else do you enjoy?  
Reading, Politics, and Religion.

If you could play any golf course in the world, which one would it be and why?
Cypress CC in Calfiornia, the #16 hole and all around beauty.

If you had a tee time at St. Andrews, who would complete your foursome?
Tom Watson, Lee Trevino and Tiger Woods

What do you like best about being a PGA Professional?
Helping other golfers improve – bringing up juniors in the game and enjoying the best game in the world.

What or who has had the greatest impact on your career?
Rubbing shoulders with men who have become successful and learning from everyone of them.

If you could give lessons to anyone in the world who would you choose and what tips would you give them?
Any 16 year old boy who shows some talent and loves to practice and wants to become one of the best!


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