Bridgestone Challenge Storms Through Iowa

Bridgestone Golf

Recently several Davenport-area golf courses hosted The Bridgestone Challenge, the first-ever ball fitting challenge created and conducted by Bridgestone Golf, the fastest growing ball in golf.

Over the course of 4 days and 5 events at facilities ranging from prestigious Crow Valley Golf Club to a jam-packed Glynn’s Creek, Bridgestone fitted over 90 golfers using their proprietary Science Eye launch monitor to show golfers their current launch conditions with a driver. During the fitting, each golfer used THEIR driver and their current ball of choice. After several shots, each was shown their launch conditions and a Bridgestone technical rep showed them what “optimal” conditions were for them. Then, the Bridgestone rep recommended a Bridgestone ball that would better optimize their launch conditions. Each golfer then hit several shots with the Bridgestone ball, and results were compared side-by-side for the golfer to view.


43 players were converted into a Bridgestone ball, with an AVERAGE distance gain of 8.8 yards compared to their previous ball choice! How did they do it? By increasing ball speed and launch angle, and decreasing average backspin rate by almost 300 rpms!

Interested in the amazing technological story of Bridgestone Golf? Go to to learn more or call Brad Wuhs, Territory Manager, at 515-418-4245 or email at


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