8th Annual TaylorMade-adidas Iowa PGA Las Vegas Pro-Am Results

The 8th Annual TaylorMade-adidas Iowa PGA Las Vegas Pro-Am was held March 8-10 at Paiute Golf Resort which is located approximately thirty miles north of the Las Vegas strip. Thirteen teams, each consisting of one Iowa PGA professional and four amateurs competed in this year’s event.

The format for this tournament is a modified quota system where golfers play to reach or exceed their daily quota which in turn provides an overall quota for each team. The tournament winner is determined by the team that accumulates the most points above their total quota. If no team exceeds their quota, then the winners will be the team that is closest to achieving their overall quota.

Teams competed for an overall team purse and a new TaylorMade driver, which was awarded to each participant on the low three teams.

Round two of the event was canceled due to cold weather and high winds.

The Iowa PGA would like to thank Tod Puetz and Mike Long from TaylorMade-adidas for their continued support of the Iowa PGA Las Vegas Pro-Am.

Champions from left:  Shane Bellefy, John Bowen, Adam Luehmann, Tod Puetz, Darin Ferguson

Final Results (Top 4)

1  Adam Luehman, Darin Ferguson, John Bowen, Tod Puetz, Shane Bellefy -3 Team Winnings $2,000
2.  John Panek, Larry Kuykendall, Pat Friemel, Nate Paulson, Tom Licea -9 Team Winnings $1,500
3.  Michael Scott, Peter Strothkamp, BJ Strothkamp, Jack Groves, Jeff Seitz -16.25 Team Winnings $1,000
4.  Gerry Hupfeld, Scott Carnes, Bill Jones, Fred Blosser, Darryl Tower -18 Team Winnings $500

Team Pictures

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Miscellaneous Pictures

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