2008 Iowa PGA Parent Junior – July 27, 2008

The 2008 Iowa PGA Parent Junior was held Sunday, July 27 at Pheasant Ridge GC in Cedar Falls.  Fourty-seven two person teams competed in a scramble competition.   The boys 11 & Under and Girls 13 & Under age division played the 9-hole Walter’s Ridge GC with all other age divisions playing 18-holes on Pheasant Ridge GC.  The Iowa PGA would like to thank Kevin Dorrington of Wilson Golf for his sponsorship of this event.  Each participant was treated to a sleeve of Wilson Fifty golf balls.   The Iowa PGA would also like to thank John Bermel, head PGA Professional and the entire staff at Pheasant Ridge GC for hosting this event. 

Congratulations to Jacob and Brad Sevcik from Robins, Iowa –

they won the drawing for 2 week long tickets to the 2008 PGA Championship! 


Congratulations Terry Starry on his hole in one
on #5 of Walter’s Ridge GC.  This was Terry’s second hole
in one, it was made with a gap wedge from 135 yards. 

2008 Iowa PGA Parent Junior
July 27, 2008
Pheasant Ridge & Walter’s Ridge GC

Sponsored by

Kevin Dorrinton, Iowa PGA Sales Representative

From left to right:  Bob and Rochelle Beardsley

From left to right:  Anna and Brian Cullinan

Walter’s Ridge Par 3 GC
Girls 13 & Under
Rochelle Beardsley Peosta, IA 26
Bob Beardsley    
Anna Cullinan Bettendorf, IA 27
Brain Cullinan    
Hailey Bermel Cedar Falls, IA 28
Tracy Bermel    
Amy Olberding Cedar Rapids, IA 28
David Olberding    
Briana Weber Dike, IA 29
Joel Weber  
Lisa Olberding Cedar Rapids, IA 30
Nancy Olberding    
Paige Van Dyk Tama, IA 32
Michelle Van Dyk    
Hannah Bermel Cedar Falls, IA 33
Don Bermel    
Mackenzie Roberts Cedar Falls, IA 33
Brenda Roberts    
Mykal Sadler Urbandale, IA 35
Michael Sadler    


From left to right:  JB and Jacob Patterson

From left to right:  Ben and Michael Greif

Walter’s Ridge Par 3 GC
Boys 11 & Under
*Jacob Patterson Atkins, IA 26
JB Patterson    
**Ben Greif Cedar Rapids, IA 26
Michael Greif    
Jacob Sevcik Robins, IA 26
Brad Sevcik    
Carter Valliere Eldridge, IA 27
John Valliere    
Isaac Staub Cedar Rapids, IA 27
Terry Starry    
Trevor Heinen Waterloo, IA 28
Ingrid Heinen    
Peyton Starry Cedar Rapids, IA 28
Cody Starry    

*Won scorecard playoff for first place

**Won scorecard playoff for second place

From left to right:  Andrew and William Huseman, Jace and Skip Holton

Pheasant Ridge GC
Boys 12 – 13    
*Jace Holton Waterloo, IA 67
Skip Holton    
Andrew Huseman Ankeny, IA 67
William Huseman    
Jack Conway Cedar Falls, IA 68
Mark Conway    
Riley Olson Urbandale, IA 73
Bill Olson    
Matthew Stevens Cedar Rapids, IA 78
Jeff Stevens    
Ben Bermel Cedar Falls, IA 90
Margaret Bermel    

 * won scorecard playoff for 1st place

From left to right:  John and Jacob Bermel and Michael and Jeff Canfield

Pheasant Ridge GC
Boys 14 – 15    
Jacob Bermel Cedar Falls, IA 64
John Bermel    
Michael Canfield Muscatine, IA 65
Jeff Canfield    
Isaac Olson Urbandale, IA 67
Cindy Olson    
Schyler Knudsen Coon Rapids, IA 68
Drew Knudsen    
Peter Kaufmann Davenport, IA 71
Daniel Kaufmann    
Chris Grether Algona, IA 72
Jon Grether    
Wil Hunemuller Cedar Falls, IA 73
Lind Hunemuller    
Luke Willliams Ankeny, IA 73
Kelley Williams    
Michael Bylund Aubudon, IA 77
Roger Bylund    


From left to right:  John and Matthew Sexton and Bryan and Kevi Laraia

Pheasant Ridge GC
Boys 16 – 18    
Bryan Laraia Ankeny, IA 68
Kevin Laraia    
*John Sexton Tripoli, IA 70
Matthew Sexton    
Nick Peters Newton, IA 70
David Peters    
Ryan VanDeCasteele Eldridge, IA 73
Jeff VanDeCasteele    

* won scorecard playoff for 2nd place

From left to right:  Joe and Samantha Heinen, Ellie and Don Ament

Pheasant Ridge GC
Girls 14 – 15    
Ellie Ament Dyersville, IA 65
Don Ament    
Samantha Heinen Waterloo, IA 66
Joe Heinen    
Taylor Van Dyk Tama, IA 68
Randy Van Dyk    
Katelyn Bunn Muscatine, IA 69
Marc Bunn    
Taylor Roberts Cedar Falls, IA 72
Robin Roberts    
Christy Nelson Central City, IA 73
Chris Nelson    
Allison Farrell Geneseo, IL 76
Ron Farrell    

From left to right:  Doug and Caitlin Hora, Morgan and Patrick McMillan

Pheasant Ridge GC
Girls 16 -18    
Caitlin Hora Wilton, IA 78
Doug Hora    
Morgan McMillan Waukon, IA 78
Patrick McMillan    
Taylor Canfield Muscatine, IA 80
Don Canfield    



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